A collection of cover versions.

Performed by Alan Driscoll with Cameron Pikó (2) and Junalyn Corre (5, 9, 10). 'The Snake' written by Oscar Brown. 'There Is An End' written by The Greenhornes and Holly Golightly. 'Jockey Full Of Bourbon' written by Tom Waits. 'Drivin' On 9' written by Ed's Redeeming Qualities. 'Goodnight Moon' written by Ambrosia Parsley and Duke McVinnie. 'I'm Your Man' written by Leonard Cohen. 'Magdalena' written by Tom Barman, Craig Ward and Danny Mommens. 'Stop!' written by Sam Brown, Gregg Sutton, and Bruce Brody. 'Young Folks' written by Björn Yttling. 'Popstar Researching Oblivion' written by Paul Carter and Ben Clay with Flotation Toy Warning. 'My Life In Art' written by Neil Halstead. 

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